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Italian Artist Spills Her Coffee On Purpose And Turns It Into Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings

Feb 01, 22 | Adrian Constantin

While most Italians appreciate coffee for its taste, artist Giulia Bernardelli appreciates it for its creative potential. She turns spilled coffee into works of art that look like detailed watercolor paintings.

Bernardelli's work is a clever statement on the value of art. Coffee stains are often seen as unsightly and wasteful, but she sees them as a creative challenge. In her hands, the simple brown stains take on new life — their rippling edges and splashy colors reminiscent of watercolor paintings.

Bernardelli's work has been featured on multiple blogs and her Instagram account has over 100,000 followers. To see more amazing coffee art, check out her Instagram account.



giulia bernardelli spilled coffee art 4

giulia bernardelli spilled coffee art 1


giulia bernardelli spilled coffee art 2

Tags : art, coffee art
categories : Arts & Culture

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