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A Refreshing Blend of Lemon and Coffee

Jun 25, 22 | Adrian Constantin

We've found a way to make iced coffee even better.

It turns out that anaerobic natural coffees and lemon have complimentary acidity that creates a balance of flavor that's unlike anything you've ever tasted before.

We recommend starting with 3 parts coffee and 2 parts lemon juice and adjusting to taste. You can also add spices or herbs like vanilla or cinnamon to change it up! Or, orange peel for added citrusy refreshment.

We recommend three locally roasted coffees (you can find all on Gems).

Juan Felipe by Candid Coffee Roasters has notes of cider, grapefruit and watermelon.

Chelbesa by Transcend has notes of blueberry, chocolate and peach.

Black Honey by Alternate Route has notes of brown sugar, tangerine and blackberry.
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