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You can up your coffee game with a few purposeful steps

Aug 24, 21 | Adrian Constantin

It’s easy to take coffee for granted. We awaken in the morning, throw some grounds in the filtered compartment of an everyday drip coffee maker, push the start button and guzzle down what it renders.

We suppose that’s fine if you only drink coffee as a medicinal agent, a caffeinated stimulant to punctuate the morning and kick-start your day, but what if coffee consumption was a culinary experience? And, what if you didn’t have to leave home to experience all of its wonderfulness?

You can up your coffee game with a few purposeful steps.

Regarding coffee makers, there’s an ongoing debate about which are best, drip or French press. That’s a discussion for another day, but you can visit our brew methods page for information on popular brewers. The ratio of coffee to water will differ from one type to the other. Additionally, how fine or coarse you grind the beans is directly correlated to the amount of flavor extracted and the type of brewer.  For example, a coarse grind, similar to sea salt, is great for French Press brewing and percolators.

Don’t expect to brew a fresh-tasting cup of coffee without using good beans. Here are some tips:

  • Only grind for the amount of coffee you want to consume immediately. Ground coffee isn’t perishable like some foods, but it will go stale, negatively affecting the taste after brewing.
  • Don’t grind beans and store the grounds to brew later.
  • Store coffee beans in an airtight, glass container to combat flavor loss.
  • Read the label. Avoid purchasing beans that are close to the “use-before date.
  • Never store coffee beans in the freezer. The added moisture creates a breeding ground for mold, and who wants moldy tasting coffee?

You might believe that water is just water when it comes to brewing coffee. Well, it is, and it isn’t. Most municipalities add substances like fluoride and chlorine to the water supply, and minerals can also be present. Since coffee is 98% water, for best results, use cold filtered water to brew coffee and rinse the coffee filter, even the paper ones, to remove residue that the naked eye can’t see. Speaking of paper, avoid paper, plastic/melamine, or Styrofoam cups. Avoid the tin and aluminum cups, too and use the proper cup for the serving and type of coffee. Drink espresso in a cup designed for the flavorful Italian masterpiece.

A great cup of coffee deserves a proper cup, and believe it or not, a glass or ceramic cup or mug improves the taste, but it also elevates the experience.

  • Heat a ceramic or glass cup before pouring in hot coffee.  Some coffee makers are manufactured with cup warmers, but you can easily heat a cup by pouring in hot water and allowing it to sit for a minute or so before emptying and adding the hot coffee.

You can elevate your coffee experience. If practice makes perfect, it will also ensure a perfect cup of coffee, if not immediately, eventually.


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