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Ana Doney: Women In Coffee

Ana Doney: Women In Coffee

By :Adrian Constantin 0 comments
Ana Doney: Women In Coffee

It's International Women's Day, and we wanted to take a moment to recognize women in coffee.

Sometimes, when you're shopping online, it can feel like the people who made your products are just an afterthought—like they're just cogs in the machine. But we think it's important to know where your things come from and who 's behind them.

That's why today we'd like to tell you about Ana Doney, a Colombian farmer with over 10 years of experience growing coffee on her farm La Primavera.

We've learned about Ana through our friends at Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters, who happen to do an extra-ordinary job roasting some of Ana's coffee.

Ana has always loved experimenting with coffee through time, temperature and different fermentations. In a recent interview with Roast Magazine she said she feels like a scientist doing different experiments and waiting for an outcome on the cupping table. She thinks it's amazing to see what happens when a coffee is in the fermentation process for 12 or 20 hours more and likes dividing the same lot into different timings and temperatures and playing with the yeast levels.

Her coffee is unsurprisingly bright and juicy and we think Rogue Wave does a masterful job roasting it. With bold notes of blackberry and sour cherry, this is a must try for adventure seekers.

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