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Barisieur coffee tea alarm clock

Barisieur coffee tea alarm clock

By :Adrian Constantin 0 comments
Barisieur coffee tea alarm clock

File this under the category, “Now we’ve seen everything."

Would you purchase an alarm clock that brews coffee and tea? The concept is new to us, though The Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm Clock was first introduced in 2016 and is quite the gadget. It is the brainchild of Joshua Renouf, who raised the equivalent of 1,006,236.61 CAD to jumpstart an innovative, stylish, and eco-friendly brand.

Renouf is the founder and CEO of Joy Resolve, a global platform that manufactures and markets, by the company’s definition, “stylish” and “eco-conscious” products, striking “a balance between functional design and timeless aesthetic, envisioning its premium products at the center of a conscientious lifestyle.” We’ll let you be the judge of that, but we have to agree that by design, the Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm Clock is quite stunning. Its look is a part chemistry lab and culinary ingenuity wrapped up in minimalism.

The automatic coffee and tea brewer has stainless steel reusable filter, a glass vase that resembles a beaker, a digital clock, and a small drawer for storing measuring tools.  Newer editions have wireless charging capability.  Other features include immersion brewing and smart induction boiling for multiple servings of both coffee and for loose tea or tea bags.

There’s a timed brew function, and get this, a smart milk mini-fridge, and the beaker-like vases are hand-blown glass.

From Renouf’s LinkedIn profile page: “Joy Resolve is an award-winning lifestyle & homeware brand on a mission to enrich life through tangible solution; without causing unnecessary harm to nature. We re-envision products for an intended purpose with our unique design philosophy to create elegant solutions to the demands of contemporary living for people that value design, the environment, and the power of experience.”

We’re assuming that The Barisieur Tea and Coffee Alarm Clock delivers on its founder’s claim since it’s on the shelves of stores in more than 52 countries and is widely sold online.

Each morning, breakfast in bed is impractical, but waking up to fresh brew is totally within reach from your bedside table but considering coffee’s delightful aroma, is the alarm clock function essential for most coffee lovers? With the smell of coffee wafting through your bedroom, is there ever an excuse for getting up on the wrong side of the bed?

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