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Taste the Difference: Buying Coffee Locally vs in Supermarkets

Sep 30, 21 | Adrian Constantin

Since we’ve started discovering the world of coffee at the beginning of our journey, we love brewing delicious coffee at home and sharing it with others.

And while we’ve upgraded our home setup and started educating ourselves on different brewing methods, one of the most important, and easiest changes we’ve implemented, is buying locally roasted coffee.

This simple change made us realize how much the freshness and quality of the beans transform the flavor. Here are the main differences between buying locally roasted coffee versus buying it from global suppliers.


Before you even buy the coffee from the supermarket, your bag of beans has been handled by many people, waited in warehouses, flown in airplanes, and sat on many shelves.

And because coffee beans retain their best flavor up to 2 weeks after they have been roasted, the coffee from a supermarket or a global retailer has long passed its prime.

This is because as soon as ground coffee comes in contact with air, it oxidizes and starts losing its flavor and aroma.

Did you notice that mass-produced coffee usually doesn’t have a roast date but a “use by” date instead? This recommended use-by date can be anywhere from six months to a year.

Coffee is an organic product that doesn’t retain its qualities for that long. You wouldn’t buy an apple with a 6-month use by date. You shouldn’t be doing that with coffee either. 

Peak Flavor and Aroma

But why care about freshness? It’s because fresh coffee ensures peak flavor, which is retained from 3 days to 2 weeks after the roast date.

If the coffee beans have been roasted more than 2-3 weeks ago, they have lost most of their original flavors, making your cup of coffee taste flat and one-dimensional.

With locally roasted coffee, you get to experience the unique tasting notes of your selected single origin.

Coffee contains a complex flavor and smell which completes the coffee drinking experience, and when it has been freshly roasted, you’ll be able to experience its irresistible nutty aroma, which will elevate your morning ritual.

Bigger Choice

Local roasters, on the other hand, source a wide choice of coffee beans and adapt their range to satisfy any coffee connoisseur.

Whether you’re looking for a blend that will taste best when mixed with steamed milk, a fruity single origin from Kenya, or you prefer a complex nutty medium roast from Colombia, the local roasters will expose you to a more varied range of beans.

More Unique Coffee

Local producers are passionate about sourcing coffee beans from farms all over the world, giving you an opportunity to taste novel flavors.

They typically talk to small farmers and get hold of unique coffee beans that are not accessible through the global market.

And while the range of coffee from a global supplier doesn’t change all year round, the local roasters change their offering depending on the season, supplying only the beans that are at their peak flavor.

Quality Control

It is a common practice for the mass-produced coffee from the supermarkets to be roasted too dark in order to hide the inferior quality of the beans.

Local producers roast the coffee in small batches rather than on a big scale, which allows them to pay more attention to quality.

Small roasters are proud of their beans and care about their reputation, producing only expertly roasted coffee that guarantees the best flavor and aroma.

Need more proof? Get a bag of our locally roasted beans and taste the difference for yourself.



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