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Bialetti Express Coffee

Learn how to brew coffee with a Bialetti Moka Express

Have you ever tried brewing with Kalita? We will look at the features, the kind of coffee you can expect from this brewer, and its differences from other pour over methods.

The Kalita Wave is a fairly new pour over method, invented in the 1950s in Japan. But it has earned its right among other popular brewers such as Chemex, or Hario V60.

Kalita is a Japanese pour over method that features a flat bottom with three holes, dripper designed to create minimal contact with the patented ‘wave’ filter.

These unique features eliminate the channeling of water, ensure even extraction and superior consistency. Kalita is considered a more forgiving brewing method that produces consistent crisp coffee no matter how you pour. It comes in two different sizes Kalita 155 or, the larger, 185 dripper.

Bailetti Express

What you need to get started



Bailetti Moka









Bialetti Moka Express

Brewing Guide

Follow our simple step-by-step brewing guide.



Preheat the water

Bring the kettle to a boil and allow it to gently cool. This ensures optimal flavor and helps to prevent the metallic taste from developing in your coffee.



Prep the coffee

Grind around 25g of coffee for a 3 cup Bialetti brewer. We recommend starting with a grind somewhere in between a pour over and espresso setting. Feel free to play with your grind. If the coffee is too bitter for your taste, make it coarser and if it is too sour, adjust to a finer grind.



Pour in water

Pour 175ml of heated water into your Bialetti. Fill it up to the line, just below the pressure valve. Do not fill it above the line, this will prevent the brewer from functioning how it is supposed to.



Insert the filter basket

Put the basket into the brewer and fill it with your ground coffee. Tap the side to evenly distribute the ground and wipe away the loose grounds around the edges.



Tamp gently with a flat surface

This will help to ensure even extraction. Use your grinder as a tamper.




As the rich-brown stream of coffee gets light yellow, or it stops, remove from heat and close the lid.



Pour and dilute to taste

Dilute the concentrated shots with hot water or milk, depending on your taste.


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