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Essential Tools

Everything you need to brew amazing coffee at home

Looking to explore the world of coffee but don’t know where to start? Here, we’ll guide you through all the essential tools needed to recreate the café experience at home. From beans, brewing equipment, kettles, scales, grinders, or filters, we’ll teach you how each piece of gear contributes to the resulting taste in your cup.

You can browse, explore, and purchase all the essential brewing tools, access the information about how to use them as well as brewing guides, tips, and tricks from our local experts. We want to gear you up for brewing at home, with the knowledge and tools that will make the process easy and accessible.



Whole Beans

Every good cup of coffee starts with the beans and buying them locally roasted will help to ensure their freshness. Selecting whole beans will guarantee that they retain their peak condition for when you’re ready to brew.



Brew Equipment

The same coffee beans can acquire a completely different taste when prepared with various brewing equipment. Explore the opportunities that come with different brewing methods and find out which one is best suited to your taste.




Grinding your coffee beans just before brewing preserves all of their natural flavors and delicate tasting notes. Reveal the relationship between grind size, brewing methods, and various types of grinders to find the best fit for you.




Brewing a delicious cup of coffee is transformed by measuring your coffee grounds and hot water with an accurate scale. It eliminates the mystery of weight and ratio and allows you to achieve the best possible brew.




A gooseneck kettle will add a level of control that is simply not possible with an ordinary kettle. It allows you to adjust the flow of water and pour it with superior accuracy, therefore making the brewing process and your ability to make a perfect cup easier.




Focusing on all the other aspects of the brewing process, the filters can be often forgotten. Learn how using different filters influences the taste of your coffee and find the best one for your brewer and preferences.



Cups, Tumblers & Mugs

Just like wine tastes better from a wine glass and beer from a beer jug, coffee tastes better from the correct cup. Whether you’re brewing filter coffee or making a cappuccino, don’t forget to use the cup that will highlight the tasting notes hidden inside.