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Choose your coffee grinder

Extract the best flavors from your beans with the right grinder

A good quality coffee grinder is one of the most important pieces of coffee equipment you can own.

People underestimate the importance of the grinder because, on the surface, they only fulfill a very basic function, grinding coffee. But the quality of the grind will have a significant impact on the quality of your coffee. A great grinder will uncover the full potential of your fresh beans.


Consistency is crucial

A poor quality grinder will succeed at grinding your coffee, but won’t ensure the consistency of the grind, producing random pieces that are too small or too big. These pieces will cause uneven extraction and bitter as well as sour undertones in your coffee.


Tailor the grind to your brewing method

Each brewing method requires a different grind size in order to achieve optimal extraction. By understanding how grind size affects the flavor, you can influence the acidity, sweetness, and taste of your coffee and tailor the grind to the particular brewer.


Blade or burr?

Selecting the best grinder type for your coffee set-up



  • Easy operation

  • Inconsistent grind that negatively affects the flavor

burr type


  • Affordable and quiet

  • Less consistent than flat burr grinders

burr type


  • Amazing eveness in grind and consistency

  • More expensive than conical grinders and bigger

BURR material


  • Clean mouthfeel, superior grind consistency

  • Gets dull a lot faster compared to ceramic burrs

BURR material


  • Stays sharp much longer compared to steel burr

  • More resistant to heat than steel grinders

Select Your Power

Manual or electric?

Which type of grinder is best suited to your needs?

Manual grinders are an ideal choice for beginner brewers. They require manual power but are often small, portable, very affordable, and provide a consistent grind.

Electric grinders are best suited to coffee enthusiasts who need a grinder for heavier use, are willing to invest more, and require a faster and more efficient method.

Coffee Grinder

Which grinder is right for you?

With so many grinders on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. These are our top recommendations.



Hario Mini-Slim Plus Grinder

  • Reliable, inexpensive, perfect for travel
  • Ceramic inner and outer burr
  • Transparent see-through body
  • 24g capacity



Timemore Hand Grinder (Chestnut Slim Plus)

  • Precise grind, perfect for fine espresso and French Press
  • Click adjustment dial to get the desired coarseness
  • Durable, titanium-coated stainless steel burrs
  • Dimond pattern for easy grip
  • Walnut wooden handle held in place with magnet
  • 25g capacity


$ 199

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

  • Slow grind prevents beans from overheating and aroma loss
  • Forty different grind settings
  • The hopper can hold 8 ounces of whole beans, and the clear grounds bin has a fill line to indicate how much to grind.
  • Very easy to use and sleek looking



Baratza Virtuoso+

  • 40 mm conical burrs grind coffee at 1.5 to 2.4g/sec. depending on the setting
  • Forty different grind settings
  • The hopper can hold 8 ounces of whole beans, and the clear grounds bin has a fill line to indicate how much to grind.
  • Great value for a high quality grinder


$ 420

Ode Brew Grinder

  • Perfect for home use, it's wisper quiet
  • 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings
  • A PID feedback-controlled motor exposes every bean to the same force and speed for consistent grind quality
  • Ode knows exactly when the last bean has been ground and automatically shuts itself off. No more awful revving noise when your grinder spins on empty.
  • Small footprint, thoughtful design, and premium finish
  • 80g capacity