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Hario V60

Learn how to brew coffee with Hario V60

Are you familiar with Hario V60? It is one of the most popular pour over brewing methods, and we will look at its origin, features, and how to brew with this device.

The V60 is known for its precise brewing process and superior taste. Its name refers to the 60-degree angle of the cone, which was created by a Japanese 1st-grade hardness glass manufacturer, Hario.

At the time of its invention, in 2004, the market was dominated by immersion brewing methods. The designers at Hario created a unique conical dripper with slightly spiraled veins that run vertically down the cone-shaped wall with a large hole at the bottom. This resulted in a clean and bright coffee that boasts high perceived acidity and nuanced tasting notes.

Today, nothing has changed from the original design, and this brewer is found in specialty cafes all around the world. It is available in two sizes and a variety of materials.

Hario v60

What you need to get started



Hario v60







Variable Temp










Hario V60

Brewing Guide

Follow our simple step-by-step brewing guide.



Grind coffee

Grind your fresh coffee beans to a medium-fine grind.



Boil water

Boil water in a gooseneck kettle to the appropriate temperature (around 203 degrees F).



Prep filter and put in freshly ground coffee

Fold the V60 filter and place it into the cone. Rinse the filter with hot water, making sure it’s touching all the sides of the cone. This gets rid of any papery taste and preheats the brewer and your mug. Empty the water. Put your 19g of freshly ground coffee in the filter, making sure the surface is even. Use an 18/1 ration of water to coffee.



Bloom coffee

Using a gooseneck kettle, pour 60g of hot water evenly across the coffee bed for the initial bloom period. Notice bubbling on the top of your coffee ground. This is normal and reflects a good fresh coffee. Wait for 30 seconds You may use a spoon to gently turn over the bottom of the brew bed onto the top, and wait further 15 seconds. This process helps to develop the flavor and release the gases.



First pour

At 30 seconds, add 140 grams of water pouring in a slow circular motion. Be careful not to touch the sides of the filter with water, this would cause water channeling.



Second pour

At 1:15, add the remaining 200 g of water, using the same technique. Be careful to control water flow and pour water evenly over all parts of the coffee bed.




The coffee should be finished brewing at around 2:30-3:00 when the coffee bed dries up and stops dripping. Discard the filter and clean the V60 cone.




Enjoy the unique bright taste of the freshly brewed V60 coffee.


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