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Fresh coffee delivery, made easy

Alberta's coolest coffee club

Enjoy craft coffee from Alberta's top coffee roasters.


Discover the best locally-roasted coffee in Alberta, roasted by craft roasters in Edmonton, Calgary, Sherwood Park, Banff and elsewhere in Alberta.

Upgrade your morning coffee routine

Best Local Coffee

An easy access to a hand-picked selection of the best coffee in Alberta

Tailored for You

Three ways to subscribe, have a say in what you get

Fresh to Your Door

Never worry about freshness, get your coffee at peak flavor


There are three ways to subscribe



Supporting Local

Included with

Every subscription

Our coffee subscription service highlights single origin coffees that can be traced to the producer, crop and region. These coffees are sourced from small batch farmers around the world and roasted in small batches as well by local roasteries all across Alberta such as Monogram Coffee, Rogue Wave, Transcend Coffee Roasters, ACE Coffee Roasters, Aspen Coffee Roasters, NRG Coffee, Alternate Route, Roasti Coffee Co and many others. It's our joy to make it easy for you to discover amazing coffees not typically available at grocery store chains or through traditional channels.

Small Batch

Craft Coffee

Thanks to the exceptional work of many local roasters, Alberta's coffee scene is booming. But here's the thing: Most of the coffees we drink come from outside our province. This means that local roasters don't have as much exposure. We're trying something different here. We want to connect Albertans with the best coffees roasted in Edmonton, Calgary, Sherwood Park, Red Deer, Banff and other amazing places where we've discovered top roasters. There are so many great small-batch roasters hidden treasures within our province that are waiting to be discovered. Coffee is a beautiful thing. Just like people, every roaster has their own personality and approach to coffee—you can taste the passion in every sip!

Alberta Made

Specialty Coffee

With our subscription you don’t only get access to delicious coffee, you get an invitation to join the community. You get to meet other home brewing enthusiasts and local professionals to attend exclusive cupping events, live music gigs, or poetry nights. Gems is all about community and we can’t wait to meet you.

Invitation to

Private Events

We know that the right equipment and brewing a delicious cup of coffee go hand in hand. Don’t worry, we’ll help you. We’ll give you a member’s discount and make sure you can secure special deals so that you can upgrade your coffee setup with ease.



Treats and sweets that complete your coffee experience and make the afternoon ritual even more flawless. Every delivery includes a little something from a local bakery or producers that we think will go perfectly with your coffee.



Gems is all about helping the community. And we aim to employ local seniors and students to deliver your packages. Every subscription gives back to the local community and provides extra cash to their pockets rather than global delivery companies.

Special deliveries

Help others

Every story begins with your cup. We bring you the stories from the roasters about their beans, their custom blends, origins, farmers, and why they’re special. You’ll get access to the fascinating story that lies behind your coffee.



Specialty coffee brewing with different types of coffee can be intimidating. Our brewing tips from local experts will guide you and develop your confidence to brew coffee like a barista.





Haven't answered your question? Please get in touch

Coffees can be very different from month to month and come in a variety of weights.

The average weight of a bag will range from 0.5lbs and 1 pound, but it will always be valued at around $20 per bag retail.

Every month your box will contain different coffees from various roasters around Edmonton, Calgary and the rest of Alberta, without you having to do any extra work.

Gems covers the cost of sourcing the coffees, bringing them to our location and delivering them to your home in a single box so you won't have to deal with the headache of multiple shipments or multiple shipping charges (because a single bag does not quality for free shipping with most roasters).

We want every experience with us to be as personal and tailored for you. So, don't worry at all! We'll find out what works best for you and make changes along the away as needed.

You can choose to have your subscription delivered right away or choose a later week that suits your schedule best.

Orders typically deliver Wednesday through Friday, between 9 AM and 9 PM.

You'll never be disappointed by our beans. We take great care in finding the freshest coffees that are at their peak, which means they're in-season and were roasted within the last 7 days.

Shipping fees are included

Yes, we do.

Get in touch for more info at hello@gemsofalberta.ca and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Not at this time. Please refer to our return policy for more information.

We work with craft coffee roasters who source their beans from small-batch farmers that typically only produce low premium lots. We make an effort to only offer coffees in season, sourced ethically and you're sure to love them! You'll be getting the freshest coffee because we work with roasters that roast to order.

Monthly rotation subscriptions are based on a one-year agreement, but no worries you can cancel anytime without any penalties! Regular subscriptions can range from 3, 6, 9 and 12 months in length - you choose.

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time via logging into your customer portal on our website. Or, you can just email us at hello@gemsofedmonton.ca

According to your subscription plan with us, you will be charged when your next order is being prepared.