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A signature house blend from Catfish Coffee Roasters is a mix of two South American coffees  sourced from a collection of smallholder farms of two distinct regions. It combines washed and natural roasts, which produce the perfect balance between robust and smooth flavors. 

It is a medium / dark roast blend that offers a bold dark chocolate kick with a touch of natural sweetness and mild nutty tasting notes. The full-bodied profile makes this coffee enjoyable for all brewing methods, producing a rich balanced espresso as well as robust French press coffee. 

About the Beans


House Blend 

Roast Type

Medium, Dark Roast 

Altitude, masl

1200 - 1600 


 fully washed, fully natural

Bag Size



About the Roaster

A local family-owned coffee roasting company, starting in the Old Strathcona Farmers Market in 2008, Catfish Coffee Roasters are enthusiastic about the small-batch approach and attention to consistent coffee roasting. They're dedicated to showcasing the diversity in coffee, highlighting light, medium, and dark roasts as well as encouraging sustainable practices, directly supporting farmers, and working with charities.


Edmonton, AB


Catfish Coffee Roasters is owned and managed by Karl & Phil Ward, a father and son team. They own and manage two of Calgary's most prestigious roasteries; Chronicle Coffee Roasters & Caffe Monte Specialty Roasters.

Our mission

We're on a mission to bridge the gap between a better cup of coffee and tea at home and the local craftspeople who are passionate about producing it.

We want to connect the Edmonton coffee lovers with Edmonton. There are so many great cafes, small-batch roasters, and hidden treasures within our city that are waiting to be discovered.

Support Local

Early on our journey, we found out that more than 80% of coffee and tea purchased locally isn't actually local.

Wouldn't it be amazing if 80% of the tea and coffee purchased in Edmonton was local? And, the 20% that came from elsewhere was the very best the world had to offer?