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Cascara Coffee Cherry

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Did you know that there is more to coffee than the bean itself?

There is! The dried skin of the coffee cherries are used for making tea - Its name is Cascara Tea – coffee cherry tea. Cascara is the Spanish word for “husk” or “skin,” and it’s the skin of the coffee fruit.
Cascara has been brewed in Ethiopia and Yemen — the birthplaces of coffee — for centuries and likely as long as coffee has been cultivated there.
The taste of coffee cherry tea is different from coffee, but just as exotic. Its profile is that of a tea-like drink with a fine, fruity flavor. Not only does it taste delicious, it has about a quarter of the caffeine levels compared to coffee. Plus cascara is known to be high in antioxidants.

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About the producer

From the beauty and calm of the tea ceremony, to the upheaval launched by the Boston Tea Party, tea has literally changed the course of history. With such a grand past, Naked Leaf finds it hard to believe that nowadays tea is often drunk on the run, with a tea bag unceremoniously thrown in a plastic cup filled with hot water.

The Naked Leaf embodies enjoyment and quality of life. The simple act of preparing and tasting tea bares your senses to the exhilarating experience that uniquely defines The Naked Leaf.


Calgary, AB


Jonathan, owner of Naked Leaf, was a professional dancer. Throughout his career tea provided him the the intense physical stamina, concentration and general health required as a dancer. Tea is his daily pleasure.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to bridge the gap between a better cup of coffee and tea at home and the producers who are passionate about producing it.

We believe that life is like a garden. It can provide so much but it needs to be fed and cultivated. We want to support the community of coffee and tea in a way that feeds and supports everyone involved in the rich and meaningful culture of coffee and tea from producers around the world, to the people who get the products to us here in Edmonton, to the retailers and businesses that sell or serve us the products.

Support Local

What's the difference between buying something on Amazon versus a local craftsperson?

No one will dispute the advantages of big box stores like Walmart and massive online retailers like Amazon. Selection, convenience and price are the three that tend to come to mind for most of us.

While these benefits make a difference in our lives, a question we want to ask is, “what are the invisible costs of buying from these huge multinational companies instead of buying from your local producers and retailers?” They range from jobs lost, to lack of community culture and local innovation and environmental impacts.