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Caramel | Milk Chocolate | Roasted Almond |

Mt Robson (Mexico)

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This is one of our personal favorite coffees. It is absolutely a unique variety that showcases low or no acidity, natural sweetness, earthy/chocolate tones. Its the perfect weekend coffee and balances well for those who do not like acidity. Roasted just until it reaches a dark roast (some small amounts of oils present).

About the Beans







Altitude, masl 





 Calguera Gomez S.A De C.V 





About the Roaster

Josh, founder of Northern Collective is a self-taught roaster who got started at home and now he's turning his passion into an thriving business.

Edmonton, AB

Northern Collective is a small business that wants to have an impact on the environment and the communities they're in, so they're investing in compostable packaging and donating money back into communities.

Our mission

We're on a mission to bridge the gap between a better cup of coffee and tea at home and the local craftspeople who are passionate about producing it.

We want to connect the Edmonton coffee lovers with Edmonton. There are so many great cafes, small-batch roasters, and hidden treasures within our city that are waiting to be discovered.

Support Local

Early on our journey, we found out that more than 80% of coffee and tea purchased locally isn't actually local.

Wouldn't it be amazing if 80% of the tea and coffee purchased in Edmonton was local? And, the 20% that came from elsewhere was the very best the world had to offer?