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R Nine One - Rocket Espresso Machine

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Designed for use in a small commercial  application or home environment.


  • 5 pump pressure profiles + 1 semiautomatic  profile 
  • Graphic colour touch display
  • Permanent magnets volumetric pump for
  • absolutely precise and silent operation
  • Bodywork all stainless steel 
  • Boilers all AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Brew boiler, saturated group assembly:1.9 litres-1200 W
  • Service boiler: 3.6 litres - 1400 W
  • Max.power consumption of machine : 1600 W


        The R Nine One  was developed to bring the very best of our  commercial machine development programme into a machine  capable of outstanding results.


        Thermal stability through the Rocket Espresso fully saturated  group system, coupled with digital PID temperature control-Pre and Post infusion controlled through a full pressure  profiling system, using the 5 preset programmes or via  manual  control through the Rocket Espresso paddle system.


        Direct water connection or built in water reservoir, an espresso machine designed to deliver spectacular results in the cup, through both stability and flexibility of control parameters.



         Technical Specifications

         Pressure Profile System 


         Pid Pressuer Control 


         Shot timer


         Total Boiler Capacity (litres) 


         Hard Plumbing (Water Feed) 


         Reservoir (Water Feed) 



        220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1600W 

         Width [mm]


        Depth [mm]


        Height [mm]


         Weight [kg] 





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