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Varia Coffee Brewer

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The Varia Coffee Brewer is gorgeous and deceptively simple to use, it is a multi-brewer with attachments to brew the way you choose, you can explore the world of coffee and tea in your home like never before. Every day is different, so don't have a closet full of different coffee machines merely to keep things interesting. The new Vara Coffee Brewer comes with interchangeable accessories so you can brew your morning coffee (or tea!) as you choose. You may pick between seven functions, including the three most popular brew methods of all time: moka pot, french press, and pour-over, thanks to seamless transitions between attachments. In Spanish, means "it varies", the perfect name for the brewer that allows you to explore the world of coffee; tea in your home like never before. Perfect for anyone - literally, anyone! Make a delicious stovetop espresso in the moka pot with less bitterness or easily swap out attachments to make a rich french press, a flavourful pour-over drip coffee, or a lovely cup of tea. So no matter who comes over for a visit, you'll be ready. Unless it's Gerard Depardie.


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Our Mission

We're on a mission to bridge the gap between a better cup of coffee and tea at home and the producers who are passionate about producing it.

We believe that life is like a garden. It can provide so much but it needs to be fed and cultivated. We want to support the community of coffee and tea in a way that feeds and supports everyone involved in the rich and meaningful culture of coffee and tea from producers around the world, to the people who get the products to us here in Edmonton, to the retailers and businesses that sell or serve us the products.

Support Local

What's the difference between buying something on Amazon versus a local craftsperson?

No one will dispute the advantages of big box stores like Walmart and massive online retailers like Amazon. Selection, convenience and price are the three that tend to come to mind for most of us.

While these benefits make a difference in our lives, a question we want to ask is, “what are the invisible costs of buying from these huge multinational companies instead of buying from your local producers and retailers?” They range from jobs lost, to lack of community culture and local innovation and environmental impacts.