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There has never been a better time to be a Beerlover in Edmonton

At Gems of Edmonton, we are passionate about all things tea-related, and as such, our mission is to spread tea culture across Edmonton and eventually the globe! With so many tea variations and flavors to discover,

we make tea simple by selecting top-quality teas and placing the tea masters responsible in center stage. We want to infuse the tea community with gorgeous teas, linking tea connoisseurs and professionals through their love of the ancient tea leaf.

An easy way of connecting with and supporting local coffee and tea producers

Differences between coffees and teas are complicated, finding yours shouldn’t be

Reliable service isn't just about value, it's about relationships.

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is so much more than dunking a tea bag into boiling water and hoping for the best. Even the most expensive tea requires careful brewing and some decent equipment to create the alluring tea flavors that tea lovers so enjoy.

At Gems of Edmonton, we have made the search for a sumptuous cup of tea simple. You can search for delectable teas, the best brewing equipment, choose the tea most suited to you, and follow our handy, expert tea brewing guides.


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The world of coffee is a complicated one.

11 February, 2023

At Gems of Edmonton, we make a conscious effort to support local coffee roasters that buy direct from small batch farmers, because...

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