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We want to connect the Edmonton coffee lovers with Edmonton. There are so many great cafes, small-batch roasters, and hidden treasures within our city that are waiting to be discovered. We make it easy to navigate the local coffee landscape,

put the small coffee roasters in the spotlight and highlight the best spots. We want to nurture the coffee community and connect the professionals who are passionate about making the best coffee with the consumers who are passionate about drinking it.

50 + companies

Discovering and putting together the best roasters and suppliers in the city

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Swap the automated emails for direct personal customer service.

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Get your coffee beans delivered to your door while they are still fresh.

There are many aspects that contribute to the perfect cup of coffee. While getting fresh good-quality beans is important, it’s not enough. Good coffee is not possible without brewing equipment and the knowledge of how to make the best use of it.

At Gems, we want to make the search for a delicious cup of coffee as easy as possible. You can shop for freshly roasted coffee beans, get the most suitable gear, understand how to select the best coffee for your taste, and get the coffee brewing guides from our local experts.


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A Consumer's Guide to Regenerative Agriculture and the Future of Coffee Production

26 May, 2023

For most of us, coffee is a daily ritual. A moment of calm before a hectic day or a quiet companion for...

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The Importance of Altitude, Soil Quality, and Roasting Methods in Achieving High-Quality Coffee

24 April, 2023

Coffee is a complex beverage that is influenced by several factors, including altitude, soil quality, and roasting methods. These factors can significantly...

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The world of coffee is a complicated one.

11 February, 2023

At Gems of Edmonton, we make a conscious effort to support local coffee roasters that buy direct from small batch farmers, because...

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