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Gems of Alberta

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Sip Local, Savor Alberta.

Unearth the Richness of Alberta's Coffee & Tea Craftsmanship with Gems


It all started as a passion project. We created Gems of Alberta because we love the idea that people can discover locally made products in one place. From coffee to tea and other amazing locally crafted products, it makes us happy to make it easy for you to support local businesses by shopping with us.

We're constantly learning about local providers and the people behind them, as well as the subtle nuances of products available here. We're putting together an infrastructure that makes it possible for us to bring those awesome products to you with the click of a button.

An easy way of connecting with and supporting Alberta coffee, tea and craft producers

We're curating the best products made with love, carefully crafted by people who care.

We deliver to your home and are committed to our relationship with you.

Our Commitment

“We see Gems of Alberta as more than just a business. We see it as a kind of vehicle that gives us the chance to share and amplify what we have discovered in our exploration of the coffee, tea and crafting communities all across Alberta. The passion and love these artisans have for their craft has naturally become our own as has their gift for innovation and for bettering our local craft experiences.

Adrian Constantin, CEO


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