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Review: The Flair 58 - Masterful Espresso Brewing at Home

Jul 12, 23 | Adrian Constantin


An upgrade from its predecessors, the Flair 58 is here to redefine home-brewed espresso with its groundbreaking features and unmatched performance. By the end of this review, you'll be able to make an informed decision on whether this is the manual espresso machine for your kitchen.


Design and Build Quality

Flair’s tradition of using high-quality materials continues with the Flair 58. Its sturdy frame is made from die-cast aluminum, and the machine components are crafted from stainless steel, ensuring durability and a plastic-free water path. The longer lever, compared to previous Flair models, is topped off with a wooden T-shaped grip, which not only adds to the aesthetics but also provides an easier pull.

The Flair 58 is compact, measuring only 7.5 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 11.5 inches tall when the lever isn’t extended. However, with the lever fully raised, the height becomes a substantial 24.25 inches. Do consider the available space in your kitchen.

The 58mm bottomless portafilter, hence the name, features the same wood finish as the grip, adding to the overall visual appeal. Though it's only available in black, the design and build quality are undoubtedly appealing to any coffee enthusiast.


What Sets the Flair 58 Apart?

The Flair 58 brings a host of improvements over previous models, primarily in terms of workflow and shot control. One of the most significant upgrades is the electric preheat controller, which provides three heat settings (85°C, 90°C, and 95°C) tailored to light, medium, or dark roasts. With a press of a button, you can ensure proper preheat, drastically improving the brewing process and making it easier to pull multiple shots consecutively.

The machine also includes an upgraded valve plunger, making the process of filling the reservoir simpler. Instead of removing the stem to fill the chamber with water, you leave the plunger in place, fill the reservoir, and raise the lever to open the valve, allowing water to flow through.

The Flair 58 includes a puck screen designed for even extraction. This screen helps to prevent channeling, requiring less cleaning, and keeping the brew head free from coffee residue.

Additionally, the Flair 58’s integrated pressure gauge provides real-time feedback, helping you maintain control over your shot pressure.


Brewing with the Flair 58

Brewing with the Flair 58 is a rewarding experience thanks to its refined workflow. Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to use the Flair 58:


Everything begins with preheating. The Flair 58 comes with an electric preheat function that simplifies the brewing process. Plug the temperature controller into the power supply, and select your desired temperature (85°C, 90°C, or 95°C) depending on your roast preference.

Grinding and Tamping

Next up is grinding your coffee. The Flair 58 offers two basket options to accommodate different grinds: the low-flow basket for coarser grinds, and the straight-wall high-flow basket for finer grinds.

After grinding, the coffee must be tamped evenly for optimal extraction. Careful tamping ensures an even extraction and a perfect coffee puck.

Water Filling

Water filling has been made much simpler with the Flair 58. With the lever down, pour water into the reservoir. Then, slowly lift the lever to the top, allowing the water to seep into the coffee grounds.


Lastly, pull down on the long lever arm, exerting either lower or higher pressure as per your taste preferences. This allows for precise control over the extraction process, helping you pull a perfect shot every time.

Overall, the enhanced workflow of the Flair 58 offers an engaging and intuitive brewing process that empowers coffee lovers to craft their perfect shot with ease and precision.


Espresso Quality 

The Flair 58’s ability to manually control pre-infusion, usually a feature in pricier machines, results in espresso shots that rival those from commercial setups. With this professional-grade lever espresso press, you can manage the shot's flow and espresso profile, achieving a balanced and delectable shot every time.



While the Flair 58's strengths are numerous, a few minor limitations worth noting include the machine's height with the lever extended, potentially making it challenging to fit under some kitchen cupboards. The power supply box is larger than expected, and the long cord might require some creative storage solutions. Finally, the drip tray might be too small to accommodate a regular coffee scale.


Value for Money

Though the Flair 58 is the priciest offering from Flair, its unique features, ease of use, and superb shot quality make it an excellent investment for the serious home barista. The improved workflow, the 58mm filter basket, and the automatic preheating function are valuable upgrades from its predecessors.


Where to Buy?

The Flair 58 is available for purchase right on our website. To become your own barista with the Flair 58, just click [here] 



The Flair 58 stands tall in the world of manual espresso machines with its exceptional build, design, and enhanced features. It's a fantastic choice for coffee lovers seeking to master the art of espresso brewing at home.


A Barista's Insight: James Hoffmann Reviews the Flair 58

For more in-depth insights and a detailed demonstration of the Flair 58, you can watch a comprehensive video review by renowned barista James Hoffmann. His expertise and critical analysis further illuminate the exceptional capabilities of this manual espresso machine.


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