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Cat Fest for Local Rescues

Dec 11, 21 | Adrian Constantin

Have you ever heard of the Edmonton Cat Fest? 

The Edmonton Cat Festival is the first of its kind in Canada and Alberta. The festival was started to help cats that needed it, so we want give them a shout out for going above and beyond with their work! They raised $126,000 since 2014! More than that #YEGCatFest donates 100% of proceeds to local rescues.

We want to give a shoutout to Linda Hoang, the founder of YEGCatFest and her friends Brittany Le Blanc, Diane Lee, Lisa LaForge-Rattai and Mike Brown for doing this work. We think they deserve recognition!

To get involved visit their website their @ https://edmontoncatfest.com/get-involved/ 

Keep up the awesome work, happy to help in every way we can!

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