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Craft Coffee: A Buyers Guide

Nov 19, 21 | Adrian Constantin

When coffee beans are grown and processed well, shipped carefully and roasted with respect for the intrinsic flavors of the bean, it is a fantastic celebration of the nuance’s coffee can offer. Craft coffee roasters pride themselves on this practice and, as a result offer coffee of the highest quality.

If you're looking for the best coffee in town, it is most likely coming from one of these craft roasters. But with so many amazing coffees and products on offer right now - how do you know which ones to try first? Or even if something won’t suit your palate! Luckily, we’re your one stop shop for crafty coffees in Edmonton!

As you embark on the exploration voyage of different coffee beans, your foremost guide is flavor. A sense of adventure and curiosity will lead to an appreciation for flavors that are new or uncommon in today’s caffeine-laden world which leads you back into knowing your preferences better than ever before!

These are some key factors to take into consideration when deciding which bean to try.

First, it’s all about YOU!

There's no need to be afraid of your own preferences. You know, everybody has a palette already formed despite how developed or unaware they may seem at first glance!

You may be wondering what kind of flavors you like or dislike, but don't worry! With baby steps, you can navigate the world of craft coffee with ease.

One place to start is to see what common characteristics turn up on the coffees you already love to drink. Pay attention to body, acidity, flavor and aromas of your coffee. More to come on this topic.

Next, begin getting to know your beans. Coffee from one country or even from two different regions of the same country, tastes very differently. The type of coffee, where it was grown and how it's processed all contribute to the unique flavors you'll find in your cup.

Selecting the coffee roast. Craft coffees tend to be lighter and focus more on flavor, bringing out the characteristics in beans that might otherwise go unnoticed with darker roasts. If you are someone who typically enjoys a dark, full-bodied coffee be open to experiment.

Mind the roast date. Always buy fresh beans, roasted in the last 7 to 10 days. It will make a world of difference to your coffee!

Our website offers a diverse range of coffees from every major roaster and many micro-roasters. The one thing that sets us apart from any other coffee retailer is our commitment towards variety, freshness and simplifying choice.

We have close to 100 craft coffees on our site from 21 different roasters. You'll be able to sort it all by origin, region and variety. You can also view the processing method for each coffee, tasting notes and flavor profiles and certifications - everything is there in one handy place!

You’ll be able to sort it all by origin, region, variety, processing method, type, flavor, tasting notes and various certifications. We're excited to give you the single, most comprehensive resource for local craft coffee in Edmonton! We're so grateful to have your support!

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