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The gooseneck kettle: Precise Control Over Your Pour Overs

Jan 08, 22 | Adrian Constantin

Named for its very thin and long spout, the gooseneck kettle is the perfect tool for controlling the pour over your coffee grounds. This type of kettle allows you to precisely control the flow of water onto your coffee. The result is a more consistent cup of coffee with each brew. 

Classic kettles  can dump too much water too quickly and are less effective at controlling the pour because water tends to flow out in multiple directions, resulting in an inconsistent amount of liquid hitting your grounds and ultimately influencing flavor. A gooseneck design allows you to control where the water flows through more precisely and achieve a continuous stream. 

The gooseneck kettle is also great for those who like to experiment with their brewing methods. With so much control over the pour, you can try different techniques and find what works best for you. Whether you are new to pour overs or an experienced barista, the gooseneck kettle is an essential piece of equipment. 

If you are looking for a way to improve your morning cup of joe, consider investing in a gooseneck kettle. The gooseneck kettle is available in both electric and stovetop versions.

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