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Groundhog Day: The Best Specialty Coffees to Drink in February 2022

Feb 02, 22 | Adrian Constantin

Today, many people celebrate the day of the groundhog—a small creature who, according to legend, can predict how much more winter there will be. It also happens to be the day Bill Murray repeated over and over in his 1993 film "Groundhog Day".

We think we can name many of our favorite coffees but as we try more, the list keeps getting longer.

We love drinking different varieties of coffee at different times of the day. In the morning, we prefer a deep, rich espresso. At lunchtime, sometimes we'll try out something new from one of the local roasters we work with (we're lucky to always have a few bags around to sample). And when we want to kick back with friends and family? We break out special reserve brews and micro-lots.....the really good stuff you can't find on grocery store shelves.

The weather has a big effect on what coffee we love too. On cold days, we like chocolatey, sweeter coffees. On warm days, it is likely that we enjoy fruitier, longer fermented ones. And, no matter what the weather is like, we always love each other! 

To celebrate this one-and-only holiday, we put together a list of our favorite coffees for February 2022 - the ones we'd share with our best friends and family.



Candid - Promotora de Desarrollo 

Chocolate | Dried Berry | Sweet Tabacco

This coffee is a single-origin Nicaraguan that comes from 12 different farms. It's complex taste and character comes from blending four types of beans, which give it an interesting flavor unlike any other! 



Beanzilla - Passion

Berries | Caramel | Chocolate | Nuts 

Passion is a Beanzilla exclusive, meaning that only a few roasters have access to this wonderful bean! You will fall in love with it once you try it. This is a fantastic coffee for everyday use.




Transcend - Agryll Blend

Milk Chocolate | Orange | Toffee 

Transcend Coffee Roasters ARGYLL blend is the perfect coffee for those looking for a classic, rich flavor with undertones of fruitiness. This balanced blend is composed of two coffees in a 75/25 split and is always available all year long!



Ohana - Sunset Decaf 

Chocolate | Nutty

 A nutty aroma with a smooth chocolate taste, a heavy body that finishes very clean.  A naturally decaffeinated coffee used to create a smooth alternative to our caffeinated options.



Roguewave - Kenya Kagumo

Floral | Grapefruit | Kiwi | Peach | Red Currant 

Bright, juicy coffee with bold notes of peach and red currant is what you can expect from this Kenyan coffee from Rogue Wave. It's the perfect coffee to start your day with a smile.

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