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Reviving the Local Love: Bridging the Gap Between Intent and Action in Alberta's Coffee and Tea Community

Jun 19, 23 | Adrian Constantin

Here in Alberta, we've got a mantra that echoes through our mountains and across our prairies: 'Support Local'. It's a phrase we've heard hundreds of Albertans cheer for - from delivery chats to phone conversations and online interactions. Supporting local is a sentiment that warms our community's heart, especially in times when we see favourite mom-and-pop shops under threat from the pandemic.

But are we walking the walk, or just talking the talk? While we see commendable effort towards buying food, alcohol, and gifts locally, some products, like coffee and tea, often slip through the local shopping net - fewer than 5% of coffee and tea bought in Alberta is local.


The Perception and Reality of 'Supporting Local

So, how do Albertans define 'supporting local'? It seems clear. Support local businesses. Shop locally. Bolster small or independent businesses. Turn to local produce, farmers markets, and products crafted right here in our province.

However, when the coffee pot boils, and the tea kettle whistles, do we reach for local beans and leaves? Our interactions suggest a gap. Though most agree that buying products from an independent business in Alberta is local, when it comes to making that purchasing decision, fewer consider whether the company is independently owned.

What matters to Albertans then? It's about local employment, whether the selling company is Canadian, and whether you can find the product locally or have to order it online from outside the province.


Turning Intent into Action with Gems of Alberta

Enter Gems of Alberta - we're here to bridge this gap between intent and action. As an online marketplace, we bring locally sourced, high-quality coffee and tea right to your doorstep. We partner exclusively with Alberta's craft roasteries and tea producers, making it easier for you to support your local artisans.


Redefining the Local Coffee and Tea Experience

At Gems of Alberta, we believe in the stories told by each cup of locally sourced coffee or tea. Stories of local farmers, roasters, and families who pour their love and labour into every bean and leaf. Through us, you connect with these tales and the people behind them, adding a deeper layer of meaning to your daily brew.


Local Quality and Global Competitiveness

Rest assured, local doesn't mean compromising on quality. Our partner roasters and tea producers create coffee and tea that matches or even surpasses international offerings. And while we know pricing is a concern, we're committed to ensuring fair prices that reflect the quality of our products and the labor of love that goes into them.


The Road Ahead

To truly support local, we need to align our intent with our shopping habits. It starts with awareness and engagement. At Gems of Alberta, we pride ourselves on employing locals, showcasing Alberta-made products, and being proudly Albertan.

Together, let's walk the walk. Let's drink local, support local, and love local. And in doing so, we're not just enjoying a delicious brew - we're nurturing our community one cup at a time.

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