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Fresh whole beans

Your perfect cup starts with whole beans

The first step in ensuring you are brewing great coffee is to grab a bag of freshly roasted whole beans

Brewing a really good cup of coffee comes along with the understanding of freshness. And the realization that whole coffee beans matter, as they offer a liveliness, that a pre-ground coffee can not deliver.

Why buy whole beans?

There are no shortcuts to great coffee.

Coffee beans which are freshly ground are a must for that perfect brew. This is because pre-ground coffee essentially goes stale after only 15 minutes of air exposure which affects quality and taste.

Why buy locally?

Beans that weren't roasted locally are likely already stale

Think of how long your supermarket beans have already been on that shelf. Buying your coffee beans from local roasters gives you the best flavor profiles you can wish for. Gems of Edmonton curates and retails coffee that has been roasted within 2 weeks from date of purchase, serving the freshest whole beans right to your door.


Peak Flavor

We want to illustrate how whole beans lose flavor from the time they're roasted to the time you use them. Essentially, whole beans are at their peak flavor between 3 and 14 days after the roast date.

You’re still not sure if buying whole beans is the right option for you?

Here are 4 reasons why it should be.


Pre-ground coffee can easily absorb the odors it’s surrounded with. Leaving you with flavors and aromas far off from what you signed up for.


Once the coffee bean is broken up, oxygen reacts with the volatile aromas very quickly, affecting the flavor. Ground coffee can lose up to 60% of its aroma after 15 minutes of being in contact with oxygen.


Pre-ground coffee is highly prone to being exposed to high moisture environments which strips the coffee of its precious, aromatic oils. Your coffee lacks the round and full-bodied taste you are looking for.

Carbon Dioxide Depletion

CO2 plays an important role in flavor extraction. We don’t want too much of it, since it can disturb the brewing process. But we also don’t want too little of it, since it enhances the aroma profile of your cup. Pre-ground coffee loses most of its CO2 in the time it’s waiting for you on supermarket shelves.


Buying whole beans enables you to get the right grind size for every brewing method

One of the essential parts of brewing a perfect coffee is matching the grind with your brewer. And since you cannot adjust the grind on pre-ground coffee, then chances are, it won’t be optimal for your brewer. Whole beans give you the ability to grind your own coffee to fit your preferred brewing method.

Explore More Options

Whole beans give you power over flavor

Tiny changes make a big difference


Adjust the grind to your brewer

Small grounds extract fast while large ones take longer. Brewing coffee to perfection is a learning process, but also an exciting journey. With every cup you make, you can explore what you like in coffee and what you want to improve. Experimenting with grind size gives you all the power over the flavor profile of your cup. You can only achieve this when you grind the coffee yourself.


Adjust the grind

Instead of mouth-watering flavors, all you taste is bitterness? With fresh whole beans, you can easily fix this problem by adjusting the grind size. Bitterness comes from too much extraction. You can reduce extraction by simply grinding your coffee beans in a coarser setting.


Ensure correct extraction

When your coffee didn’t have the time it needs to perfectly brew, it can become sour. And nobody wants a sour cup of coffee. You can adjust the grind size of your coffee to a finer grind. That will give the brew the time it needs to balance out your perfect cup.