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Coffee Scale

Improve the precision of your brewing process with an accurate coffee scale

While measuring coffee with a scoop can seem like an easier option, it may be stopping you from improving the taste of your brew.

Transform the brewing process by measuring your coffee grounds and water with an accurate scale. Using a coffee scale eliminates the mystery of weight and ratio, helps you identify the mistakes, and enables you to achieve a better taste with your brewing.

Whether you want to improve the consistency of your espressos, or nail the accuracy between the carefully timed pour and their ratio to the weight of coffee grounds, when making a pour over coffee, getting an accurate coffee scale will help.

Experiment and perfect

Your Brew

Even the slightest variations in weight can make a big difference in the taste of your cup. It would be hard to improve or identify the mistakes within your brewing process without measuring the amounts with a coffee scale.

buying a digital scale

Features to consider when choosing a scale

Never shopped for a coffee scale and don’t know what to look for? While some features are non-negotiable for every well-functioning coffee scale, other features add extra convenience. Every coffee scale should be digital and accurate to two decimal places to ensure an easy operation. Here are other coffee scale features to look for.



  • Your scale should measure in grams as well as ounces and feature a tare (zero) button for easier use



  • Forget the cables, select a battery-powered scale that will allow you to brew a perfect cup anywhere



  • The scale shouldn’t take up too much space but should be big enough to suit your brewing equipment

Nice to Have


  • Timer features, backlit display, and waterproof features can enhance the usability of your scale

Coffee Scale

Which coffee scale is right for you?

With some many scales on the market, it is hard to know which one to choose. Here are our top recommendations.


$ 20

American Weigh Dual Range Pocket Scale

  • pocket size, great little scale
  • weights anything up to 500g
  • the stainless-steel design can be cleaned easily
  • easy to read LCD backlit digital display



American Weigh 2kg Scale

  • hugely popular with both baristas and home coffee drinkers who want accuracy when brewing
  • weights up to 2kg
  • easy to read LCD backlit digital display, even in low light conditions
  • Portable, small enough to be carried around


$ 145

Hario Metal Drip Scale

Things we liked:

  • Includes a drip timer for perfect bloom times and pours each time
  • Can be switched horizontally or vertically for flexible usage
  • USB charge anywhere anytime
  • Removable weighing platform for easy cleaning
  • Weights up to 2kg


$ 275

Scale Coffee

  • Professional-grade scale for monitoring weight, time, and flow rate during coffee brewing
  • Brilliant functionality, compatible with the Acaia iPhone and Android app
  • Displays a coffee brewing guide so that you can upload your recipe to the app and share it with anyone
  • Simple and uncluttered design of Acaia, with attention to detail and quality, Acaia hand-builds and calibrates every scale
  • Weights up to 3kg